This #WomensDay, Don’t Strike. Buy from Women.

OK, so tomorrow is supposed to be Day of the Woman. A day we celebrate every Double-X and the still-radical notion that women should have an equal shot at achieving their full human potential.

But I’m pissed.

I’m pissed because we’re missing the headline.

The headline is:


There. I said it.

And don’t just buy from women in the rich world. Buy from the worst-off women, the women who are living on a few dollars a day, unable to meet their basic needs.

As much as I support Leaning In and being a #Girlboss, I feel like we often ignore the most pressing problem in the world: the fact that more than a billion humans, more than half of them women, still live in abject, deplorable, unacceptable poverty.

We know the solution to this problem. It’s NOT charity. It’s living wage work for women.

Last month, I visited our LXMI harvesters in Northern Uganda. Many of them were widowed by the war waged by the Lord’s Resistance Army, and managed to support their children and families despite it all by harvesting Nilotica Reserve for our suppliers.

One of them, Christine Amuge, told me that she works every day so that her daughters can get an education (you can listen to her entire interview here). They want to be medical doctors.

Want to help women like Christine? Support women-owned businesses, and those that hire women in the supply chain and pay them a living wage. Businesses like Argent, ZADY, Raven+Lily, Naja, and LittleLotus, all founded and run by amazing women in order to create more opportunities for sisters around the world. Or check out REDF's gift guide for more ethical shopping options.

So don’t strike. Use your dollars to send a message: that women everywhere deserve living-wage work.

ps. You can try LXMI products with this 20% discount code, in celebration of the global sisterhood: LADIESDAY20, and Little Lotus products using the code LXMI20. Enjoy!